Testimonials from Nurse Clients


"This was my first exposure to meditation and yoga.  I enjoyed the Stress less in Nursing and Namastay In Nursing program. You have a non-judgmental approach, which allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Therefore, I should be thanking you. These are the first tools I've been offered or given.  In all my years as a Nurse, it's the first time I'm experiencing true encouragement."

Mary, RN

"Transformed my focus. Lindsay's ability to provide tactical, practical and doable options for viewing and improving my professional and personal life was so amazing."

Susan, RN, RYT500h

" Namaste ATTENTION! I feel compelled from my heart and soul to share w you about the BEST $$$ I have spent in years!!! From Lindsay Pemble CYN - Certified YogaNurse® and Cardiac NP, Nurse entrepreneur par excellence, PLUS she is a leader in our YogaNurse Movement. I gladly paid and took Lindsay's online Yoga Health Nurse Online program which she worked her butt off creating...literally and figuratively. Lindsay did not ask me to do this post for her...I am doing it cuz the program is Fab! I was totally chill and calm after her program. It truly will help you to 'stress less', Lindsay delivers the goods. Easy, accessible, gentle, caring, the whole package. And she made it for YOU! You will be truly, deeply happy you did. Namaste."

Annette Tersigni, RN & Founder of YogaNurse®