• Lindsay Pemble, NP, RYT

Live Yoga Through Selfless Service

I know and feel that sometimes, if not most of the time, being a Nurse is a selfless service. You may feel that you sacrifice so much to become a Nurse and get nothing or little in return. Which in all honestly, does not feel great. It’s nice to feel appreciated or get a compliment once in a while and it’s OK to admit this to yourself (doesn’t make you “weak”). It’s even nicer to get compensated for your worth.

Living your yoga places you on it’s path of essence: self-realization. As a Nurse, I needed a selfless act recently to remind me of why I am one. This past week, I lived my yoga by practicing Seva. “Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “service”. This is a selfless service that should be done with no expectation of reward or even acknowledgement of the work that is done. I would love to share my recent seva practice with you and 3 ways you can live yours today!

I volunteered at our hospital’s COVID vaccine clinic for the community. It was such a humbling, full-circle experience. Reflecting on the overwhelming fear of sickness and death, when COVID first hit, to now being on the preventative side of healthcare for health and wellbeing. Being there to explain this hopeful experience to apprehensive community members, was a lesson at how impactful being a Nurse truly is.

Seva is more than the simple desire to want to help others, a popular reason why many go into Nursing. Seva practice is action that seeks a collective uplifting through the understanding of the needs of others and are based on togetherness and integration. It is an expression of compassion for others and a genuine desire to uplift those around you. Through the spirit of selfless action you will show up from a place of love.

So how can you make Seva a practice of your everyday life?

Here are 3 of many ways:

  1. Volunteer: Find a cause that will bring you joy and donate some of your time to it’s purpose.

  2. Educate one or more people on a topic you are knowledgable or passionate about. Yes, for free. Perhaps educating fellow Nurses to help improve togetherness and integration!

  3. See some trash, pick it up and place it in the trash or recycle it. Just think of the impact for our earth we would have if everyone picked up 5-10 pieces of trash per day!

Want to get the best bang for your ‘Seva buck’? Journal about your Seva practice before and after your experience. This helps to learn and experience self-realization.

Want to join a group of Nurses learning how to practice and live yoga? Join our private FB group "Free Yoga For Nurses" here:

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