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Hello Nurse. Are you afraid of change?Here's why.

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

When it is time for a SHIFT change, our inner gremlins tend to show up to the party. Over the next week, I’ll be posting about four types of gremlins that may be blocking your personal growth and stopping you from being uncomfortable. 

Remember, where there is comfort, there is no growth. 

Annie the avoider: she will convince you to leave when life gets challenging, to abandon rather than tolerating the uncomfortable situation. If things aren’t going the way you want them to, Annie grabs your hand and says “Let’s go!”  So, what is Annie afraid of? Why is she avoiding life? She doesn’t want to face her emotions. She is afraid of her feelings and doesn’t feel like she knows how to deal with them. 

How Yoga will help Annie: Yoga will teach her the part that what makes life a beautiful journey is that we get to experience these emotions, these different flavors of life on and off the mat. 

Here’s some self-work:

What emotions are challenging to be with? 

What have I been avoiding and what has the impact been? 

Debbie the denier: she will convince you that everything about your life is just fine. There is no shift that needs to be made and there is nothing that needs to be changed. If Debbie is faced with a particular problem, she shuts down or refuses to engage in a conversation and gets defensive. When your connected with Debbie, you may feel an uncomfortableness that you can’t quite understand and fill that void with overeating, working too much or hours of distraction on social media. 

How Yoga will help Debbie: the practice of yoga will allow Debbie to pause and bring awareness to her behavior as well providing a safe space for the experience to occur. 

Self-work to do: 

Recognize a problem that you may be contributing to.

What if you do have a role in that problem, what shows up for you? Commit to one small change of action you will take towards a solution of that problem. 

Patti The 95 Percenter: Patti sits next to the fire, not in it. She has put in the work to create change, however she stopped when the feelings of change became too intense. She doesn’t realize that her transformation is about to occur when the fire is the hottest. 

How Yoga will help Patti:  Tapas is a concept taught in yoga philosophy and encouraged for self-development and growth. Tapas mean discipline, dedication or devotion. You can embrace discipline by devoting yourself to a daily movement practice on your mat. Go all in.  Feel the heat. 

Self-work to do:

Where in your life are you sitting outside the fire? 

What would showing up in the fire look and feel like?

What is one action you are willing to be disciplined on? 

Vicki The Victim: Vicki will sit in the fire, but she only sees herself as the victim of the being in the fire.  It’s not her fault she’s in there, although she put herself in there, its someone else’s fault she’s in the fire. Vicki quickly forgets that it was her decision to walk her path of transformation. 

How Yoga will help Vicki: Through your yoga movement practice, you may find yourself saying “if they only knew my story, then they would know why I can’t do this” or “im not strong enough to do this”. That is simply your gremlin showing up to the mat.  By devoting to an ego-free practice on the mat, you will experience physical transformation and strength building both in your body, mind and soul. 

Self-work to do:

Is there a situation where you are blaming someone or some circumstance for your misfortune? 

Instead of blaming others, what could you focus on instead?

What can you change in your life to feel empowered? 


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