• Lindsay Pemble, NP, RYT

3 Reasons Why Yoga Should Be In All Nursing Schools

We all can relate to the stress felt throughout your entire length of Nursing school.  The pre-test sweats, the nausea before your first clinical or the anxiety of talking to a doctor. 

Fear, anxiety, stress, overwhelm and survival is expected as “normal” for Nursing students and also new Nurses. 

So what does this mean? We train and teach our future Nurses to be in their worst state of health all while giving their best health care.  Our sympathetic nervous systems rev up and stay on until we learn to shut them down.  

For some of us, our fight or flight response lasts the entire length of our career. Unfortunately, this can be the reason why Nurses  are most at risk for leaving the profession in only their first three years of Nursing. 

I was one of those Nurses. Done with this profession after 3 years.  Burned out. All compassion left my body. 

Until I started a consistent yoga practice. 

Yoga saved my Nursing career and now I am expressing my opinion that Yoga should be in all Nursing schools. 

Yoga means union. 

Here are 3 ways Nursing and yoga can unionize to improve the nursing profession. 

  1. Embodiment. Not only will yoga teach you about human physiology but will also allow you to feel your body. Due to high stress, we become so disconnected with our bodies, being more prone to injuries while on the job. Yoga can help to build strength, flexibility and balance. It will empower Nurses to become and stay physically and mentally healthy, therefore being an example of health for our patients. Healthy nurse, healthy nation. Yoga is a wholistic healing experience for the mind, body and soul. 

  2. Compassion. Let’s be real, you cannot give others true care, until you learn to take TRUE care of yourself.  The pressures of Nursing make us strive to be perfect and the minute we aren’t, we feel incapable compared to others. It’s so important to be compassionate with yourself and to learn how to do this.    Through a yoga journey students will experience self-growth and healing of the whole nurse in making. 

  3. Reduces performance anxiety. Learning meditation and breathwork are tools to give Nursing students for dealing with the hard stuff ahead.  The real world of Nursing can be rough and it is up to our schools to teach our future self-care for better healthcare. 

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