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The Intentional New Year is an online workshop open to anyone who identifies as a caregiver. It is a unique opportunity to clearly envision your 2020 goals with the loving guidance of the Top 3 names in Yoga, Meditation and Heart Centered Living for Nurses

Lindsay Pemble ANP-BC, CHFN, RYT 200 @yogahealthnurse

Jennifer Hoek NICU RN, BSN, RYT 200 @nurturingwarrior

Brittany Stoeckel SICU NP, ACNP-BC, RYT 200 @yoganursepractitioner

You will focus your awareness on the Heart Space and aligning your 2020 goals from the wisdom of your Heart. The workshop includes a full movement session, breath work and meditation techniques designed to use daily, and a journal intention setting session.

this workshop is hosted on namastream. log-in required.



Event Schedule. (previously recorded)

Lesson #1:  Opening Discussion: Sharing from the Heart

Lesson #2:  Heart Opening Yoga Flow to Restore with Lindsay

Slow flow yoga class designed to bring awareness to the Heart center where we give and receive Love. Gentle heart opening movement flows to restorative bliss. Suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Suggested props are not required, but do enhance the coziness: yoga blocks, pillows & a blanket.

Lesson #3:  Cultivating Heart Awareness through Breath & Stillness with Jennie

Learn to handle the ebbs & flows of life through cultivating Heart presence & experiencing stillness in meditation. We will discuss the Heart Mind connection, as well as utilize a breath work practice that can be done daily to bring the awareness back to the Heart. Includes education, breath work and guided meditation for Opening the Heart to its inherent wisdom.

Lesson #4:  Journaling with Clarity & Intention with Brittany

A guided journal activity designed to reflect on 2019 and to create your vision for 2020. We will be taking time to express gratitude to ourselves, to our Tribe, and to the Universe. You will learn a mindset strategy to align with your 2020 vision and come away from this practice with a 2020 intention, a word of the year, and a Heart that is ready to take action. Required: a journal and a pen.

Lesson #5:  Q&A and Closing

When you purchase, you will receive unlimited access to this program for 365 days!