Finally, an online yoga membership JUST FOR NURSES.  

In Nursing School you weren't given the tools to survive the physical, emotional & spiritual demands of nursing.

self-care was a "nice to have", not "need to have". 


Nurses are now leaving the profession at an alarming rate. you may feel like running or hanging up your stethoscope today, but I promise you, things are about to change.


yoga saved my nursing career. Now, allow it to save yours.

From my google search, there is nothing like this right now on the planet.

An online yoga membership made for Nurses.

I know you have probably attended wellness events by your employer but...

could you truly connect to the teacher? 

Likely the answer is no. Because they weren't a Nurse. 

It takes a Nurse to truly understand what Nurse-life is like. 

I was numb and tired of being compassionate towards other's who appeared to not care about their own health.  I worked so hard to keep them out of the hospital, but yet, their lifestyle choices, brought them right back to me for the same treatment. 

I felt like a failure. 

So, I dealt with my uncertainty, fears and stress, through a self-care recipe of alcohol, fast food and a weekly exercise video.  Guess what? Didn't work. 

By my 3rd year as a Registered Nurse, I wanted to quit. 

Is this you? 

It wasn't until I consistently started to show up on a yoga mat, putting the work of self-discovery and true care in, that I felt reconnected to that light Florence Nightingale was always talking about. Lippincott texts also lie. Being a Nurse isn't as easy as following ADPIE or a 10 step procedure. It's so much more complex than that. 


We need help putting ourselves first and dealing with the stress, pain and anxiety of being a Nurse. We all have our own Nurse story and a Nurse legacy to leave behind.  

By a Nurse, for a Nurse.  

A self-proclaimed first-ever online yoga membership made exclusively for Nurses!

The YHN Healthy Healer Circle Membership is here to help. This monthly membership will awake and enlighten your Nurse-life through a wholistic three part process of movement, breathwork and mindfulness.

This is a healing space to come as you are and transform into your best version. 

You will not be alone, I will be right beside you along with other like-minded nurses of the YHN Circle. Together, we will revive, strive and thrive into healthy healers.

So step out of your comfort zone, give yourself care and  let's get on the yoga mat.

I can't wait to practice with you!








 The YogaHealth Nurse online Membership



What kind of results can you expect:

  • Finally, take some well deserved and needed time for YOU.

  • Create your own home yoga practice via the monthly yoga bundle of movement, breathwork and mindful meditation.

  • Reduce muscle tension and pain via yoga movement.

  • Explore your thoughts through meditation practices.

  • Experience self-development through journaling and coaching sessions.

  • Have supported accountability via myself and the other-like minded Nurses in the community. 

Here’s what you get when you enroll:

  • An intention each month. Each month will have a different theme that will benefit your Nurse-Life.

  • A monthly YOGA BUNDLE following the YHN wholistic prescription move, breathe, be mindful. 

    • 2 yoga classes: One 30-minute flow and one 15-minute restorative

    • 1 recorded audio to guide you through a weekly reflective journaling exercise

    • 1 breathwork demonstration video or audio (5 minutes)

    • 1 guided meditation (max 10-minutes)

  • Yoga Pose of the Month, including a video demonstration/practice and printable PDF

  • Live 60-minute Healthy Healer Circle Gathering for continued support plus Q&A

  • 15-minute yoga-life coaching video that integrates with the month’s theme


    • Yes to conversation and connection.

    • The private FB group is on fire with real Nurses, like you, doing the work. It’s here that we hold weekly live videos, post reminders, answer questions, and hold space for productive conversation.

    • Here’s what you can expect:

      • Weekly membership updates and weekly FB live yoga-life coaching videos. 

      • Reminders to unroll your mat

      • Engaging, related conversation

      • Affirmations

      • A safe space to connect


    • Thank you, more please!

    • As a YHN Healthy Healer member you receive  multiple perks, making your online membership feel like a “real studio” experience.

    • Here’s what you can expect:

      • Weekly accountability emails

      • Recommended reads

      • Exclusive discounts on 60-min 1:1 consultations and live YHN online yoga classes

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