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Stress Less In Nursing

A Nurse's stress is unique and  can have a negative  impact on your 

nurse-life balance and overall 

well-being. This stress can and has caused nurses to leave the profession within the first 2-5 years. 


In this 2-hour program we will talk through living a Nurse-Life in constant stress & how to shift our mindset to show up as our best self. You will experience a 60-minute yoga practice & 10-minute meditation that is guaranteed to create ease, love and joy. 

What Nurses Say About This Program:

"It taught me that I am worth taking time for self-care."

"I learned how to breathe and plan on taking this forth into my nurse-life."

“This program transformed my Nurse-Life by bringing my stress symptoms and response to mind and taught me how to better recognize it, reflect on it and reduce it.”

Study Group

Stress Less In Nursing School

Combat Stress Through Yoga

Nurse-Life stress begins in Nursing School.  Many programs do not train you on how to reduce Nurse-related stress.


So- before you come out into the nursing world, let's build a habit of preventative care through yoga. 


In this 60-minute program we will discuss how yoga will help to ease the stress you will face during nursing school & experience a 25-minute all-level stress-relieving and confident boosting yoga practice. 


Here are some things you'll encounter:

- 15 minute presentation on the integration of yoga & nursing

-30 minute stress relief yoga practice for all levels of yogis, even if your brand-spankin' new

-5 minute stress less meditation

-10 minute Q&A for tips & tricks to stress-less in Nursing School

Nursing schools that have benefited from this program:

  • University of Michigan 

  • Detroit Mercy

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Namastay In Nursing

Building Resiliency Through Yoga

The literature shows a wide-range of percentages for nurses leaving the profession. Highest risk, is within their first 2-5 years.  But we don't need research studies to know this, just ask yourself, did you ever consider leaving the Nursing Profession? I know I have. 

We need to build resiliency within ourselves to be able to continue this calling at our full potential. 

Yoga is not all about movement, it's also about mindset. Don't you want to shine for yourself and others? Don't you want to pass on your lamp fully lit with love? 

In this 2-hour program we dive a little further inward and reflect on your personal calling as a nurse.  Where do you feel balanced? How to you show up for yourself? 


 We work through this healing experience with 60-minute restorative yoga practice, breathwork and a self-love meditation. This program will relight your candle of compassion for yourself and for others. 

What Nurses Say About This Program:

"It made me realize that I wasn't alone and am not the only one who feels like I do at times"


"It allowed me to allow myself to reevaluate my choices of self-care and understand that it is okay to prioritize myself first!"


"It allowed me to slow down and focus on where I needed to find balance."

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Self-Care For Better Healthcare

Transforming Your Nurse-Life Through Yoga

Do you want to know what all highly successful people have in common? 



In this 4-hour program you will experience  a new adoptable nurse- life routine.  I get it, you don't have the time for long routines before work, well that is why this self-care plan is time sensitive and effective.  You will learn movement, breathwork and mindfulness meditation that will maintain balance from sunrise to sunset. 

Here are some things you'll experience:

-sun salutations

-energizing breathwork

-mantra to ignite a positive light into your day

-releasing fear meditation

-nutrition tips and tricks for a wholesome life

-yoga postures for a quick break during your shift

-restorative yoga practice

-yoga nidra (yogic sleep)


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