Are you looking for a safe space to learn and engage in easy, quick and efficient self-care? Then join this group! We welcome everyone!

This is a community of stressed Nurses, coming together, to learn and support self-care through living yoga. 

In this group "Stressed Nurses Seeking Balance" we will aim to find you physical, emotional, and spiritual balance through introducing and/or making yoga a consistent practice in your life.

Yoga, means union.... it's not all about moving your body on the yoga mat. Through my teachings, I will take a wholistic approach to assure that you soak up all the life-balancing benefits yoga has to offer you. 

You will learn to live yoga on and off the mat.

Being in balance may mean something different to you versus the Nurse standing next to you. 

So let's show up for ourselves and the other hundred Nurses currently in the group and start living a more-balanced Nurse-Life.

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