Are you looking for a safe space to learn and engage in quick and efficient self-care? Then join this group! We welcome everyone!

Busy looks different to us all but as Nurses, I think we can agree, our profession usually involves a non-stop hectic 8-12 hours. 

Humans first, Nurses second right? 

Then you go home and continue to be human and do other humanitarian things, like perhaps have to keep other humans alive as well. 

Bottom line, our lives are busy. So no, you don't have time for an hour long class and if you did, you'd rather be getting the most out of your free time by enjoying ALL the things. 

I get ya. I'm a multi-tasker queen and a lover of many self-care things. If I get an hour for myself, I want to do a combination of yoga, cross-training, walking, DIY projects, massage or just sit and stare in silence. 

Can't do all that if I'm on the yoga mat for 60-90 minutes.

Welcome to Yoga For The Busy Nurse

My name is Lindsay, founder of YogaHealth Nurse and a consistent, short home yoga practice saved my Nursing career. Now, I will teach you how to do ALL the things you enjoy PLUS get in a yoga quickie sesh for 15-minutes or less that will reduce your stress, tension and feeling of burnout. 

I am a Nurse helping a Nurse discover your VALUE through yoga. A practice you can do wearing scrubs, in the comfort of your own home. 

I have been teaching beginner to intermediate intelligent vinyasa style yoga to Nurses and Nurse Practitioners since 2016. I teach you how to do yoga that feels good in your body. Yoga, is not all about moving your body on the yoga mat. Through my teachings, I will take you through a wholistic approach to Yoga health. 


Together, as a community, we will keep you in Nursing one Namaste' at a time.


I'm excited for you to join hundreds of other Nurses and Nurse Practitioners like yourself, looking to learn yoga for the busy Nurse. 


Feel free to share this group with any Nurse you love and know.