Lindsay Pemble

Owner & Founder of YogaHealth Nurse

By day I'm a Cardiac Nurse Practitioner and by night, a yoga teacher, crossfitter for health & nutrition enthusiast. Throughout my 10 plus years in Nursing and numerous collaborations I have learned that we all suffer from some level of compassion fatigue.  It doesn't matter where you work in Nursing, most of us are stressed and feel that we have no time for daily self-care. Many of us are not living our best life due to being in the best and most stressful profession in the world. 

My daily escape is on my yoga mat. I wasn't always like this, it took extreme stress, compassion fatigue and near burnout to get me there. Now, it's my little island of oasis where I continue to learn about my mind, body and spirit. It doesn't have to be long, but I visit it consistently.  This rectangular piece of rubber led me back to my true calling; helping others out of the darkness into their light. No yoga mat required.... but encouraged.

This is why YogaHealth Nurse was started.  My mission is to give Nurses like yourself, preventative wholistic healthcare designed around a yoga practice rooted in theory, training and education. Through a new self-care routine of yoga movement, breathwork and mindfulness, you will transform and live your best nurse-life.


If you want to be real with a little humor along the way, then I'm your girl! 

I teach beginner to intermediate slow-flow intelligent vinyasa style yoga along with soothing restorative practices. Since my yoga teacher training in 2016, at Radiance Yoga in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, I knew I was set out to bring self-care into healthcare through yoga.  My classes are taught with the goal of feeling good in your body.  

I know what nurses go through, because I am one.  Let's develop a human connection, experience growth, transformation and improve your nurse-life, together.​

I'm a Nurse helping a Nurse discover your value through yoga. 

I look forward to this journey with you. Connect with me today!

Namastay In Nursing. 

In love, light and health,


Lindsay Pemble

MSN, APRN, ANP-BC, CHFN, RYT, CYN, Reiki L1, PN-1 Coach

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